January 24, 2018

About Us

Beamy Lake GmbH was founded in 2016 by Ing. Marcus Toth with the goal to develop and host software and IT services based on `Free Open -Source Software´ (FOSS). All of our products and projects solely feature open protocols and standards in order to keep the implemented interfaces as flexible, vendor independent and safe for future use as possible.

Based on the consumer product Soldupe Cloud Services Beamy Lake GmbH also develops and hosts custom-tailored B2B IT solutions. Besides Cloud Computing Services, either hosted or at your datacenter, Beamy Lake GmbH also offers consulting around topics like Online Privacy, Data Portability, System Management and Web Application Architecture to its customers. All our services focus on data security, transparency and reliability first.

For further information please visit our product page or contact us for a personal appointment!

Since we strongly focus on Online Privacy and Decentralization, we are contributing back to the community through running a TOR Relay with a daily quota of 500GB and our own Mastodon Server! More to come soon!


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