November 30, 2018

Cloud for Private Users

Internet like it could have been!

If you want more freedom…

If you need more storage space…

If you are looking for a cloud for your family…

If you need accompaniment on your way to digital freedom…

We’ve got you covered:

4 TB Cloud Storage for Power Users
from € 65,- per month

Your own Nextcloud instance, managed by Beamy Lake – set up to your liking!


Full throttle towards digital freedom

// Your own, dedicated bare-metal server for you all alone!
// 4 TB Cloud Storage(1)
// 64 GB RAM
// Intel i7-6700 CPU (4 Cores / 8 Threads)
// Dedicated IPv4 and IPv6 address
// 1 Gbps bandwidth
// Unlimited data transfer(2)

(1) With 4 TB we understand 4,000 GB minus the storage used by the operating system and database.
(2) No fair use or other marketing blahblah but just: Unlimited.


Your Cloud is safe with us

// ISO 27001 certified data center
// DDOS protection included
// Local Firewall & evaluation of logfiles
// TLS certificate issued by the Let’s Encrypt project
// Encrypted storage of your data
// Your server is located within the EU
// Fully GDPR compliant
// We handle your meta-data the way you want it!

100% Flexibility

Our offer for you

// Nextcloud Talk , as well as your own TURN server are included
// Server-side Nextcloud apps are freely selectable(3)
// On request you can use your own domain & let us implement your own branding(4)
// You have unlimited users at your disposal
// No hidden costs
// The minimum term is three months, then cancellable monthly
// 14 days money-back-guarantee

(3) You decide which Nextcloud apps are running on your server and we will install them for you!
(4) If you want, you can use your own domain and have your own branding implemented within the means of the Nextcloud Theming app.

Managed Service

What we’ll do for you

// The installation of patches and updates in the operating system
// Implementing patches and updates in Nextcloud in order to keep your cloud safe!
// Upgrading the Nextcloud Server apps.
// All configuration changes – an e-mail to our support is enough.
// And we help you get the most out of your cloud!

Completely independent of Google, Amazon and other US-based bad weather clouds!

With this you’ll be using your personal cloud! No matter if you use Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, LineageOS or iOS on your devices – you have full control over your data and only you decide what data you share with others!

Nextcloud Logo

Our product is based on Nextcloud (AGPLv3 Lizenz).
You can also download the Nextcloud Source Code here and run Nextcloud yourself.


Annual Payment

One-time setup fee: € 49,-
Recurring costs: € 65,- per month

The annual costs have to be paid in advance.

Quarterly Payment

One-time setup fee: € 79,-
Recurring costs: € 69,- per month

The quarterly costs are to be paid in advance until the last day of the current quarter.

Monthly Payment

One-time setup fee: € 99,-
Recurring costs: € 79,- per month

The monthly costs are payable in arrears by the 5th of the following month.

Optional costs

Using your own domain: € 25,- (one-time)

All prices already include 20% VAT!


If you’re interested in getting your private cloud, write us an E-Mail!

We will get in contact with you within 24hrs and discuss the setup details of your private cloud setup.

Only if you have accepted the terms of use and have paid the invoice amount, you and Beamy Lake GmbH will enter a valid contract from which you can withdraw within 14 days without giving reasons, in compliance with consumer protection laws.


If you have any questions, you can reach us on social networks:


Or just write us an old fashioned E-Mail to our support or get in contact via Chat (XMPP) to

In whatever way you contact us, we will gladly answer all your questions!

Make Orwell Fiction Again!

Evade mass surveillance, prevent the automatic evaluation of your personal data, the advertising spam, on the tutelage by multi-national corporations – burst the shackles of the supposed “free” cloud services and take advantage of using your own, personal cloud!

Get your own Nextcloud instance and enjoy the digital freedom you deserve!