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For some people the phrase "the Cloud" is nothing but another marketing phrase like "Web 2.0" or "Industry 4.0" - but to us at Beamy Lake "Cloud Computing" means reliably transferring data from sender to receiver, while ensuring that data integrity stays upright.

Our solutions cover cross-platform communication and data synchronization, as well as custom web applications. All of them are designed and operated with focus on privacy, data protection, high availability and simple handling.

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  • Cloud

    We provide custom tailored cloud services.
    Access your data in any way, wherever you are,
    while keeping Data Protection upright.

  • Trusted

    Our goal is to keep your data safe!
    All our services are independently working from
    any other Cloud Solution Provider.

  • Open Source

    Our products and services are based on "best of class" open source software and solely use open protocols and data standards.

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