August 16, 2018


The „Collaboration” helps you

  • Organizing your data and syncing it across all your devices
  • Sharing your data with third parties in a targeted way while retaining full control
  • Communicating with your customers, partners and collaborate on data
  • Making your digital life easier through simple usability

File Synchronization and Sharing

Define workflows and collaborate on documents with your customers and suppliers. Keep the overview and guarantee traceability through the activity stream. Automatically tag uploaded files and organize your files with keywords. File versioning and Recycle Bin feature will help you if something did not go as planned. High-availability cloud storage lets you access your data anytime, anywhere.

Synchronization and targeted sharing of calendars and address books

Appointment organization and project work made easy! Platform-independent synchronization of calendars and address books through open protocols. Protection of releases by expiration date and password protection.

Mobile or Stationary

No matter if you want to use the module “Collaboration” in your office or on the way – no matter if Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS or Android – we bring your data safely to you! Centralized configuration management ensures that you keep your sovereignty over your data!

Video calls and screen sharing

Set up a chat room for your project team, start videoconferencing with your suppliers, or hold webinars with your customers using screen sharing. Direct communication as the key to success!

Chat Systems

Our chat system can be used both internally and externally. Whether internal communication with the IT department or customer communication via chat window on your webshop, increase your efficiency through direct communication with file transfer. Real end-to-end encryption and multi-user chat rooms included.

Seamless integration with your existing IT infrastructure

Whether Microsoft Active Directory or Sharepoint or pure Unix environments – we integrate our solution into your existing IT infrastructure and extend it to secure file synchronization and communication channels. We also like to work together with existing suppliers.

Our “all-inclusive” service

We offer the support level that suits you!
Your business will change over time, and so will your IT support needs – whether it’s cost-effective “self-help” support or 360-degree support 24×7, we’ll help you with technical and organizational issues. Tell us your requirements and talk to us for a customized offer!

Likewise, you will receive a suitable privacy policy for this module, which you can pass on 1: 1 to your employees and external customers.


Our solution grows with your company!
Whether your customer base is growing exponentially, implementing new processes, or changing your business model, this is the cloud solution that easily and cost-effectively adapts to your needs. Be it expanding your storage space or implementing new features that will help you in your business processes, we will prepare you for the future.

Free Open Source Software

Through the use of free open source software as well as open standards, protocols and interfaces, we guarantee the portability of your data hosted by us and the future security of our solution. this module is based on two software components: Nextcloud and ejabberd

Both software projects are under free open source licenses, both support decentralization (Federation) and both are well established in the enterprise sector with strong developer companies behind them.

Nextcloud Logoejabberd Logo
Data Security

The module collaboration has been designed to keep your data safe.
Fault-tolerant server systems, a sophisticated backup system, independence from US-based bad-weather clouds and product features that should help you to go a long way, give you the certainty that your data will be securely hosted by us. DSGVO conformity included.

We take care of you

This module is managed by us as a managed service and operated either in your data center or on our infrastructure. This means we take care of the installation, operation, and maintenance of the operating system, the application, and support you if it does not work out that way – you sit back and let our system easily support you in your daily business!

Ask us for more information!