January 23, 2017

Our Services

Internet like it could have been
and that’s how we do it:

While in the early years of the Internet the focus was on the exchange of data with open protocols and free data standards, multi-national corporations have reversed these principles in recent years. Closed systems are on the rise, which as far as possible no longer want to let the user escape from the digital ecosystem of a particular provider.

Services are supposed to be offered “for free”, but the user pays them dearly by having them analyzing his private data and through meticulous tracking of his online activities. This is no longer the internet, what we want!

We change that!

By using free open source software, free data standards and open protocols, we give our users their digital freedom. No lock-in effects, no snooping, no data sales, no fine print in the terms and conditions – just Internet like it could have been!

We offer services in the following areas:

Cloud Services for private customers

If you have enough of US-based bad-weather clouds, then we have the alternative for you!
File and data sharing, video chat and an end-to-end encrypted chat system give you the independence of Google & Co. you’ve deserved!

Cloud Services for business customers

The modular system for your digital competitive advantage

Module „Collaboration“ – File- and Datasharing, Video conferencing and chat systems
Module „Newsletter & Mailing“ – GDPR compliant Newsletters and Mass Mailings
Module „Website Traffic Analysis“ – GDPR compliant Website Traffic analysis
Module „Website Hosting“ – Your secure appearance on the Internet

Our solutions scale from the One-Person businesses to the global enterprise. Contact us for a consultation!

Development and hosting of web applications

We develop your personal web application – secure, reliable and scalable! From the dashboard to your online community to the backend of your mobile app, we program your web application to meet your requirements. On request, we also like to host these for you on our highly available server architecture.

Consulting Services

We are happy to advise you on your way to digital freedom!

Especially when using free open source software, we can support you with concept finding, implementation / installation and operation. Be it a know-how Kickstart or a permanent support as 2nd Level Support – we offer you the level of support you need!

Contact us for a personal consultation!