August 14, 2018


We offer consulting on the following topics:

  • Online Privacy
  • Web Application Architecture
  • System Management
  • Data Portability

We have expertise in designing and operating services around these open source projects:


Nextcloud LogoRed Hat Logoejabberd Logo

Zabbix LogoGlusterFS LogoMatomo Logo



  • Red Hat – Enterprise Linux
  • Nextcloud – the FOSS file synchronization software (and much more …)
  • ejabberd – a robust, scalable XMPP (chat) server
  • GlusterFS – the scalable FOSS network file system
  • Zabbix – Open Source System Monitoring & Alarming
  • Matomo – (former PIWIK) the leading open source web analytics platform

In addition to general support for this software, we can help you with configuration, customization and hosting!

Whether you need a know-how kickstart into your digital freedom or permanent support in operating your open source solution, you’ve come to the right place!

Write us if we can assist you!