November 7, 2016

Soldupe Cloud Services

You are a private customer and tired of the clouds of Microsoft and Google?
No more interest in advertising and even less in getting tracked?
You just want to sync your personal information and chat with your friends without anyone snooping your personal information?
You want your data to be safe from automatic analysis by artificial, so-called “intelligence”?

We have you covered:Soldupe Cloud Services Logo

Soldupe Cloud Services
Cloud storage and chat service for private customers with a strong interest in online privacy

  • Cloud // Store personal data securely
  • Sync // Access it at all times with all your devices
  • Share // Sharing photos, files, calendars and friends safely and securely
  • Time // Share calendars and plan your time together
  • Chat // 1: 1 text chats or multi-user chats, file transfer, real end-to-end encryption
  • Video Calls // Video calling – reliable and encrypted
  • Safety // Strong encryption, privacy-friendly settings and procedures
  • Independence // Platform-independent, no lock-in effect, free open source software
  • Freedom // No tracking, no ads, customer friendly terms, open standards & logs


With Soldupe Cloud Services, you can sync your contacts, appointments, tasks, and bookmarks across all your devices, video chat, and text chat and send files with real end-to-end encryption!

You keep full control over your data and only you decide what data you share with others!

Soldupe Cloud Services is based on two software components: Nextcloud and ejabberd
Both are under free open source licenses, both support decentralization (Federation) and both are well established in the enterprise sector with strong developer companies behind them.

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Make Orwell Fiction Again!

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