August 14, 2018

Soldupe Enterprise

Soldupe Enterprise

Custom tailored web applications with focus on secure, automated data transfer


You need a backend for your mobile app?
You need a custom web application that can handle sensitive data?
You would like to modernize your web application?
Are you looking for the ideal complement for your hybrid cloud?
You are a start-up and need an all-around support from website to webshop to the backend for your application?

We see ourselves as a 360 ° provider regarding your requirements for your specific web application.

Based on the software components of Soldupe for Business, we program your tailor-made web application that exactly meets your requirements. In time, on budget, in scope. Containerization, MVC, NOSQL are not foreign words to us, but standards with regard to the web applications developed by us.

Of course, we also help you and your end customer with the support of your web application, please contact us for a customized offer!

In addition to the development of your application, we are happy to take over the hosting – cost-effective, scalable and highly available.

That means for you:

  • Software development and hosting from one source
  • DevOps approach
  • Efficient development, therefore easy deployment
  • Efficient troubleshooting, no fingerpointing during troubleshooting
  • High cost efficiency
  • Competitive advantage

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