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What started to connect people across ideologies, perceptions and national borders over 25 years ago, has meanwhile been perverted by multinational corporations. Lock-in effects, incompatible protocols, and obscure terms of service make today's digital life difficult for both private and commercial users.

The freedom that we associate with the term 'Internet' is very much ending nowadays.

We are on the mission to give our customers their digital freedom back. How do we do that? Through the exclusive use of free open source software, open protocols, standardized interfaces and completely transparent costs.

Get rid of Google & Co's shackles and get your digital freedom and competitive advantage back through independence from US cloud services!

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  • Cloud

    We develop and host customized web applications. Data security through strong encryption, while being completely independent of other cloud providers such as Amazon.

  • Trusted

    We guarantee transparency in technology, processes and costs! Free of US based bad weather clouds, contract clauses and hidden costs.

  • Open Source

    Our products are based on "best of class" free open source software and use only open protocols and standards.

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